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Skip the ISKs and Turn Excess Eve Items Into Real Cash!

Your Nightmare BattleShip might be worth a fair few ISKs, but if you had the choice between digital money and the kind of real currency that could pay the bills or afford you an expansion pack or a new game, would you honestly chose the kind of money you can’t hold in your hands?

Do you collect a lot of stuff playing Eve? Are your Eve Accounts filled with a few extra ship modules or Eve Characters implants?

There’s an easy way to turn your rare or excess Eve Account items into real spendable cash: MMORPG Account and Item services that make buying, trading, and selling wow accounts, FFXI Accounts, Lineage 2 Accounts, EverQuest Accounts, and Eve Accounts and items a full-time business.

What advantages do full-time MMORPG Account and Items services offer the player with a well-developed Eve Account? You’ll be guaranteed a fair price by professionals who can evaluate the value of your Eve Account items based on the rarity and demand in an actual in-game and out-of-game market for the Eve Account items. You’ll also be able to sell your Eve Account items immediately, too! (And while you’re at it, if you’re a MMORPGer who “gets around,” feel free to sell wow account items, Lineage 2 Accounts items, EverQuest Accounts items, and ffxi account items, too!)

What does that mean? Well, say you wanted to sell your Eve Account items on your own. You have two options: sell the Eve Account items to a friend or to a stranger. How reliable are your friends? Maybe you don’t want to answer that one. And how much do you value the friendship? You don’t want negative feelings between the two of you to arise from an Eve Account item sale gone sour!

As for selling Eve Account items to a stranger, good luck. Do you really want to spend the time and effort in listing your Eve Account items on an auction site or fishing through message boards to find someone who might be interested in your Eve Account items? Do you even know how to go about doing that?

Will trying to sell your own Eve Account items have been worth it? Are you sure you’d get a fair price for your Eve Account items? (There’s no changing your mind and keeping your items for your own Eve Characters if you sell them for a cheap price!) Would you be willing to start the process all over again if you don’t get a bid or the sale of your Eve Account item falls through?

Sell your Eve Account items to a business whose sole objective is to buy, trade, and sell wow account items, Lineage 2 Accounts items, ffxi account items, EverQuest Accounts items, and Eve Account items and your troubles are over. You’ll get real money as soon as the sale goes through and then finding an individual buyer is their problem. You can get back to using your Eve Characters to find more rare items!

Best of all, you’ll have real money to spend on whatever you need or want, once and for all proving to your mom or whatever authority figure used to tell you that playing video games was a waste of time that you can turn it into a part-time (or full-time!) job! Who knew your Eve Account-building skills could come so much in handy?

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